2 October 2011

a story about a pair of shoes

So basically I have been hunting down these shoes for a few months now. Ever since I saw fashiontoast's (Rumi Neely) black Steve Madden Westii Suede Wedges back in June, i had to have them.

I went straight to the Steve Madden website to check them out, and I was ecstatic they were only $100! But later found it was the American website and they don't ship to Australia... So I went to the Steve Madden store in the city and found them but unfortunately they are AUD$169, and that is a tad off the budget.

I found them on multiple more websites like http://shop.nordstrom.com/ but none of them had my exact colour, size, etc. or they didn't ship to Australia. So i found a lookalike on ALDO Shoes, the Schlender Wedges but they just didn't tick all the boxes for me...

Until a couple of weeks ago I found an exact lookalike (but satin) on Sportsgirl for $100 and I knew I was going to buy them ASAP. Now they live in my closet and I love them. As high as they may be, they're such a versatile wedge and will match nearly anything.

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