2 September 2011

spring has officially sprung!

So after a couple of months of contemplating whether or not to make my own blogspot instead of just creeping the 70+ inspiring blogs i have saved in a folder on my internet browser, yesternight as i was dozing off to sleep, i finally made a snap decision to go ahead with it. My initial reason for not making one in the first place was because i thought i wouldn't be consistent with it, but i am going to try my hardest! 
So the above photos are a few pictures that remind me of the new season that started yesterday. Does anyone else love the amount of cherryblossom trees that are blooming everywhere? I think they're lovely - the one above is a beautiful white one across the road from my street. 
And what better time to start a new fashion blog than September, the biggest month in fashion!
30 Days of Fashion & Beauty started yesterday, NYFW is right at the tip of our fingers starting in a week, along with all the other Fashion Weeks coming up, this month is going to be fashion madness.
 Oh and Alexa Chung is currently in my hometown, Sydney, as the International Ambassador of ACP's 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty! It is definitely the number one thing on my to-do list to meet her this month while she's here, look out for a post on her later, here on Fashion Fearless :)
Also in September, half the people i know are having birthdays, which means i am going to be broke due to buying birthday presents and updating my Spring wardrobe! Super excited for the new trends this season.
So if you're reading this, happy Friday!

First three pictures photographed by myself, rest sourced from Tumblr.

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